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Types of Cake

Sponge Cake - Cassata Siciliana - Mince Pies

Sponge Cakes

To order a sponge cake, you need to make three choices...

Choose a Theme

Pick a theme from the Cake-alogue, or invent a new one to your own specifications!

Choose a Sponge

  • Egg Sponge: A light, fluffy sponge, only suitable for gateaux as it won't support the weight of icing.
  • Victoria Sponge: A basic sponge; optionally, can be flavoured with orange or lemon.
  • Moist Chocolate Sponge: A moist, well-risen chocolate sponge, not dry or crumbly.
  • Chocolate Sachertorte: A compact sponge with an extremely chocolatey taste. Does not rise much.
  • Chocolate-Speckled Sponge: Made with ground plain chocolate, for a speckled appearance and a hint of chocolate in the taste.
  • Hazelnut Sponge: Made with a mixture of ordinary and hazelnut flour, for a deliciously different taste.

Choose a Filling

  • Whipped Cream: Plain, or flavoured with the jam of your choice. Goes well with the egg sponge.
  • Buttercream: Traditional vanilla, or flavoured with the jam of your choice; strawberry or apricot are the most popular flavours.
  • Apricot Buttercream: A traditional buttercream mixed with pureed dried apricots, for a real apricot taste. Goes well in chocolate cakes.
  • Chocolate Buttercream: Optionally, can have hazelnuts in it if you want a chocolate-hazelnut filling, or orange for a chocolate-orange taste.
  • Hazelnut Buttercream: A mixture of buttercream and ground hazelnuts. Goes well with hazelnut or chocolate sponges.
  • Creme Patissiere: A thick egg custard, with vanilla; can be flavoured with the liquer of your choice, or chocolate. Goes well with any sponge.
  • Just Jam: The jam of your  choice.

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Cassata Siciliana

A traditional Sicilian cake, eaten at Christmas and Easter, made to a recipe handed down from my Sicilian mother. The base and top are made of a light egg sponge; the sides are alternating strips of the same sponge, and home-made pistacchio and almond marzipan. The filling is made of ricotta cheese, sieved with sugar to make a cream, into which I mix chunks of dark chocolate and candied peel. The whole is then assembled in a dish, turned out cold, coated with a thin layer of royal icing, and decorated with glace fruits.

This cake is very laborious, and quite expensive, to make, so I need two weeks' notice; but it is well worth the wait - and the cost!

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Mince Pies

Home-made pastry, filled with delicious, home-made, vegetarian mincemeat, made the traditional way, with fruit, nuts, orange, lemon and brandy, and dusted with granulated sugar. My satisfied customers say that once you've eaten these, nothing else can compare! Pictures coming soon...

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